Top Sports Moments Of 2022-23: #1


used with permission from Rick Rogers / Star Local Media

Counting down the last two weeks of school, Wingspan looks at the top sports moments of the year. Coming in at #1, the girls’ basketball team wins its second 5A State Championship.

Addyson Schick, Assistant Sports Editor

With the school year coming to a close on May 19, Wingspan is counting down the top sports moments from 2022-2023. 

Coming in at #1, the girls’ basketball team wins its second 5A State Championship. 

When the season started, the team knew they wanted one thing: a ring. And they got their rings in March with a 57-52 win against Lubbock Cooper in the UIL 5A state tournament in San Antonio, where they were crowned state champions.

“From the start we were like we are going to state,” senior Journee Harris said. “We have a group chat called ‘Ring Getters’ so from the start we knew this is where we wanted to be and we got here, and we won.”

Down 11 points in the first quarter of the championship game, the Redhawks took control in the second quarter and went into the half with a 23-21 lead. 

“To make some big shots, which we did, we had to have some fortune, which we ended up going to the foul line,” head coach Ross Reedy said. “So that helped us and then of course, we slowed the game down a little bit for them offensively and started getting back on defense. We started putting Jacy [Abii] at the top of our little half court pressure, which she is an incredible athlete and that just disrupted some of that rhythm and that was able to translate to some easier offensive opportunities for us.”

Junior Keyera Roseby’s 21 points led the team in scoring, leading her to be named the game’s  MVP.

“Earning the mvp award was awesome and it made me realize all of my hard work has paid off,” Roseby said. “This team means everything to me. I love each and everyone of my teammates and coaches. I’m just so blessed to be able to share this moment with them.”