Featured Athlete: Hailey Castillo

Grade: 11 | Sport: Softball


Junior Hailey Castillo prepares to run the bases after getting a hit. Keeping a team balance is an important part of the sport for Castillo.

Wingspan: What inspired you to start softball?

Castillo: I started softball when I was really young and I’ve just always played it ever since. My parents just put me in it and I liked it so I kept playing.

Wingspan: What keeps you motivated to stay in the sport?

Castillo: The friends I’ve made throughout the sports have motivated me to continue playing.

Wingspan: What is the most difficult thing about softball?

Castillo: The most difficult thing is keeping everyone up. When one person is struggling you have to be able to pick them up quickly or else the team as a whole will fall apart because it’s a team effort.

Wingspan: What is the biggest benefit of being in the sport?

Castillo: The biggest benefit of being in the sport is just being apart of a team and being able to get to know new people and building new friendships.

Wingspan: What’s it like being on the team?

Castillo: Being on the team is good. All of the people are really nice and I’ve made some of my best friends on this team.

Wingspan: What pumps you up/ motivates you before a game?

Castillo: Before games it really motivates me just to remember that the games are more about the team than the actual games we’re playing.

Wingspan: What is your pregame ritual?

Castillo: I don’t really have any pre game rituals.