Say It Louder: graduating high school


Dea-Mallika Divi

Whether it’s something about school, being a student, or a social issue, columnist Emma Cramption tries to make sure her message is heard in her weekly column “Say it Louder”.

Emma Crampton, Opinion Editor

Many students are saddened at the idea of graduation. They are scared or sad by the fact that they are leaving high school and most of their friends.

However, it’s a great thing that we’re about to experience because we’re entering a chapter in our lives that holds much importance as we transition from teenagers to adults.

Although I wouldn’t exactly label high school as the best four years of my life, I don’t regret anything, nor would I change anything. I have learned so much from the experience, and it’s important to carry the knowledge of the lessons you learned with you through adulthood.

Parting with close friends is a disheartening thing to have to deal with, however, the ones meant to stay in your life will remain in contact with you. Real friends will find a way no matter the distance between each other.

The reason most people are sad about leaving high school itself, whether they realize it or not, is because they are facing change and exiting their comfort zone. But remember that we must face discomfort to create a new comfort.