Smaller hands, same goal for High Five Friday


Amelia Jauregui

Pulse brought High Five Friday to Anderson Elementary on Friday morning. Pulse looked to promote positivity beyond campus and spread it throughout the district.

Yael Even, Managing Editor

The hands were lower and likely smaller, but the tradition was the same as Pulse hosted its High Five Friday at Anderson Elementary.

“We did High Five Friday at Anderson to promote more positivity and school spirit within the school and within the district in general,” Pulse President senior Amelia Jauregui said. “Anderson is a feeder elementary school to Liberty High School and so we wanted them to experience some of the traditions and fun times that high schoolers get to as well. This tradition that we started here at Liberty had already been spread to Isbell Elementary, and additionally other schools in the district because they love what we’re doing with the event.”

S-Z campus counselor Staci Stokes believes High Five Friday goes beyond slapping hands. 

“I think the High Five Friday that we do at the elementary schools benefit both the high school and elementary students,” Stokes said. “Both parties have a great time just getting to connect and have that positive interaction in the morning. For the elementary kids they get to see some positive role models in their lives and kind of what to look forward to when they get to high school, and for the high school kids it gives them a chance to connect with little kids and remember what it feels like to be excited to go to school.”

Jauregui saw this as an opportunity to begin the day on the right foot for both pulse members and elementary kids.

“The kids had a fun morning and then got to start the day out correctly,” Jauregui said. “One simple act of kindness can create a domino effect for lots of people.”

Stokes thinks these events provide a way for students to step up in their community.

“I think making something like High Five Friday a tradition just gives everyone the opportunity to be together and see each other,” Stokes said. “A lot of times we get stuck in our bubbles and in our own world, we forget there is a whole other element out there. It gives us a chance to be connected and spend some time together.”