Featured Athlete: Ashley Anderson

Grade: 10 | Sport: Basketball


One of four sophomores on the girls’ varsity team, Ashley Anderson plays as a guard. Ahead of Tuesday’s playoff game against Centennial, Anderson believes the young Redhawk team has what it takes to defeat the Titans.

Wingspan: How long have you been playing?

Anderson: “I’ve been playing since I was four or five.”

Wingspan: Do you have any tips for new players?

Anderson: “Give it your best and work on things you struggle with and persevere.”

Wingspan: Who introduced you to basketball?

Anderson: “Both my parents and I were interested, but they sent me to basketball camps and I loved it.” 

Wingspan: How does it feel to be in the playoffs?

Anderson: “It’s pretty good, considering it’s my first year on the varsity team and our team is new to varsity so it’s pretty impressive.”

Wingspan: Do you feel that after beating Centennial twice, you know how they work?

Anderson: “Yeah, I feel that we know how to beat them and we know how to act in order to win.”

Wingspan: How do you feel about the superstition that after two wins, the odds are against you?

Anderson: “I’m not nervous, but I’ve heard that. But over the years we’ve beaten them so much, not our team in particular, but our other teams so I don’t think they’re much of a challenge.”

Wingspan: How do you feel about the maturity of the team, since it’s so new?

Anderson: “I think we’ve all gotten more mature over the year because we realized that’s what we need to do to consistently win.”

Wingspan: Do you feel that basketball has influenced you in any way?

Anderson: “It’s made me a better person and taught me how to work better with a team and brought me closer to the school.”