Portrait wall allows students to review their yearbook pictures and names


Maya Silberman

All students now have the opportunity to check if their spelling is correct in the yearbook. Located in the rotunda and by the trophy case, every students portrait is displayed along with how their name currently appears, and can have the opportunity to let the yearbook staff know if there are any mistakes.

Shreya Jagan, Assistant Editor-in-Chief

With a new initiative from the yearbook staff, all students have the opportunity to preview their yearbook photos until Jan. 21 in order to ensure that their pictures and names are reported correctly. 

“We decided to hang up everyone’s portraits in the hallway where all students walk to grab their attention,” yearbook photographer and senior Sarah Boutouis said. “We want every student to check their name so we make sure it isn’t misspelled in the book.”

However, there are multiple reasonings behind the implementation of the portrait wall. 

“Well, first of all, we want to make sure that everything is right. There are always going to be mistakes, this is a student publication,” yearbook adviser Kim Breen said. “But any chance there is to correct a possible mistake, we want to take it. In addition to that though, people keep their yearbooks forever. We want to be able to preserve memories by making it as authentic as possible. I want everyone to be happy with their yearbook portrait, especially seniors, considering that this is their final cap and gown photo.”

Senior Tushamma Rahim believes that this process is a helpful way to make the yearbook more meaningful for all. 

“Getting your yearbook back and realizing that your name is misspelled is easily one of the worst feelings,” Rahim said. “That’ll be what you go back to all the time. Allowing students to ensure that everything is correct for their picture and name not only makes the process easier, it also ensures that everyone is satisfied and has something they can look back on fondly.”