Random Thoughts: union organizing


Hanl Brown

Staff reporter Aden McClune shares his perspective on various issues in his weekly column, Random Thoughts.

Aden McClune, Staff Reporter

You may have heard of the recent decision by workers at an Amazon facility voting to unionize on Friday. This is a landmark development, with Amazon being one of the largest companies in the country, and just so happens to spend millions of dollars every year in anti-union efforts. To JFK8 workers in Staten Island, Amazon reportedly spent over $4 million in anti-union efforts. Massive banners were reportedly hung up around the warehouse, telling workers to vote “No.” Meetings were arranged and forced employees to renounce unions, and affirm that Amazon takes care of them just well enough.

This is a massive win for the labor movement, but it has revealed the nature of certain Democratic “activists.” ALU leader, Christian Smalls, lambasted AOC for not supporting their organizing, saying that she “doesn’t deserve” recognition or support from them. The congresswoman seemed responsive to show up for an Amazon labor meeting last August, but never ended up appearing at their rally. 

Interestingly enough, the Communist Party USA  seemed to be more involved than mainline Democrats in the ALU organizing. Several members of the ALU that were key in organizing the vote, including Justine Medina, Chair of the New York Young Communist League and member of the CPUSA. 

It is historic to see what is typically cited as a “long dead movement” or a “waste of a vote” like the CPUSA taking an active effort in mainstream organizing, even making headlines in mass media. With a resurgence of union organizing and labor movements across the country, and even Jen Psaki “endorsing” the union efforts through gritted teeth.

It is clear to see that if this trend continues, we will definitely be a different country. The Red Scare seems to be dying down finally, and anti-communism as a religion may finally be laid to rest within the next generation.