Redhawks return to a school year rhythm


Shreya Agrawal

The majority of staff and students make a return to campus after summer vacation. However, for a select few, this fall will be the first time stepping foot into the nest.

Caroline Caruso, Editor-in-Chief

Redhawks made their return to campus for the first day of school Wednesday. For these students, the end of summer vacation means readjusting to a seven-hour schedule and finding a balance between classes and extracurriculars.

The eagerness and anticipation for the year to commence remain common thoughts for many across the school.

“I’m super excited to be back for my last year,” senior Jasmine Stewart said. “It feels kind of surreal that I’m finally here. I was just a freshman it almost seems. But I’m really excited. I have good classes, a great schedule, and I like all of my teachers.”

The mid-week return to class is a large adjustment for junior Analis Quinones.

“I feel kind of weird because I’m so used to being at home all of the time,” Quinones said. “Especially since it’s not a Monday, I almost feel as though my week was offset by [Wednesday] being the first day. If anything, it would be nice to have school start on a Friday, that way we would have the weekend to ease into it.”

Moving from Louisiana to Frisco over the summer, senior Dori Johnsan experienced a large shift in her learning environment.

“[The school] is at least two times bigger than my previous one back home,” she said. “The school itself is larger as well. I am still trying to find my way around.”

Johnsan relays her hopes of having a memorable year in the nest.

“The atmosphere here is pretty cool,” Johnsan said. “My first day has been so far so good. I’m getting to know a few people already.”