Teachers should be paid more


Shreya Jagan

Trailing the national average by more than $7,500, Texas ranks 26th in the nation in teacher pay according to the National Education Association. In the eyes of managing editor Rin Ryu, this isn’t nearly enough when viewed through the lens of the impact a teacher can have on a student.

Rin Ryu, Managing Editor

Around 3.7 million people in the United States have dedicated their careers to teaching. Teachers provide students with a solid foundation to contribute to society, which is why teachers are the backbone of society. 

Besides teaching core information, teachers also provide different perspectives and ideas to build character.

When I look back on my childhood, teachers are some of the most prevalent figures in my memories. Thanks to their guidance, I learned to appreciate the gifts of knowledge. I am not alone in this sentiment: 88% of people consider their teachers a significant influence on their lives.

From kindergarten to senior year, adolescents carry lessons taught in schools to become future leaders. Other than curriculum taught with academics in mind, teachers act as role models that help students develop core values such as honesty, integrity, and collaboration. 

Teachers are not compensated fairly, despite the impact they have worldwide. In Frisco ISD, salary is calculated based on the experience the teacher has. Teachers with a bachelor’s degree are paid as low as $58,250 with no experience and as high as $70,600 with more than 24 years of experience. This salary does not account for the hours of overtime teachers work, nor does it account for the money teachers have to spend out of pocket on school supplies. 

The stress of being a teacher only increased with the COVID-19 pandemic. Teachers had to deal with the burdens of adapting to unexpected changes, balancing synchronous and asynchronous lessons, and health concerns. As a result, nearly one-quarter of teachers have considered quitting in recent years, with inadequate salary and burnout being the most common factors.

The best teachers inspire their students to become the best versions of themselves. They teach life lessons and share invaluable qualities, but with a higher, more adequate salary, school districts will be able to support teachers.