Quotes from a Third Grade Class: completing class


Harley Classe

In this weekly column, senior Harley Classe talks about her experiences as a third grade teacher.

Harley Classe, Editor-In-Chief

“Do I have to do number 3?”

One of my kids came up to me and said this while we were working on math problem solving one day.

This seems like a typical question right? Wrong.

The funny thing about this question is that the kids had a sheet of paper with four math problems on it. Two on the front and two on the back. All of the problems were pretty much the exact same, they just each used different numbers.

So, when this student came up to me and asked if they had to do number three I was thoroughly confused.

There was nothing different about number three other than the fact that it was number three. I think this student honestly just really did not want to finish their work.

Sometimes, I think the kids ask questions just for the heck of asking questions. That’s just how it is.