Say it Louder: pros and cons of advisory period

Opinion editor Emma Crampton shares her thoughts on various topics in her weekly column.

Opinion editor Emma Crampton shares her thoughts on various topics in her weekly column.

With the new advisory period that began the second week of school, many students have mixed feelings about the new schedule. While this 25 minute break gives students many opportunities to either catch up on school work, go to tutorials, or just hang out with friends, some people believe that the cons outweigh the pros.

The advisory period has more positive aspects than negative. For students who are struggling in certain classes but have before or after school commitments can now utilize the advisory period to attend tutorials. Additionally, it gives students a break from the hectic school day. It feels so refreshing to just chill out for a little bit before having to head back to class.

The main con is the overwhelming amount of students in the common areas such as the library, the gym, and especially the cafeteria. I understand that the administration doesn’t want students wandering the halls due to tests and tutorials occurring, but I believe that the school should have more open spaces for students to go. They could possibly have both gyms open rather than just the one and open the auditorium. This would reduce the crowds as well as gives students a variety of choices to spend their time during this period

Whether the advisory period is a negative experience or a positive one honestly depends on how you choose to use the time. If you use your time for something that will benefit you, you are much more likely to get a good use out of the time given to you.

We should be grateful for this opportunity because not every school gets to have an advisory period, and we’re the only school in the district that is allowed this much freedom during advisory. Although it isn’t perfect, there are many ways you can be productive and utilize it in the right way.