Mindfulness Diaries: niches


Nidhi Thomas

In this weekly column, guest contributer Nidhi Thomas writes about bringing mindfulness into everyday life.

Nidhi Thomas, Guest Contributor

Maybe you’re in band. 


Or perhaps you’re part of a club. 



In today’s high school environment, there’s a lot of pressure for students to find their niche. Everyone wants to be good at something- make their mark on the school. But a lot of times, this can get stressful. 

Constantly scrutinizing oneself for not having this talent, niche, or whatever you want to call it, can create an unhealthy environment. You start comparing yourself to your peers. It’s like, “Oh, she’s got something on her, she’s in band.” Or, “Oh, he’s on the debate team, he’s smart.” It’s so damaging because students shouldn’t join clubs or extracurriculars just to be seen in some type of way by other people. They should do the things that they actually like and cater to their personal interests. 

Oftentimes, when students try to take on new extracurriculars, clubs, or even classes, they have to give up something they love. There’s always the question of “am I willing to sacrifice the potential of my GPA for a class/extracurricular/club that I’m passionate about?” 

This is a dilemma many students face throughout high school. I’ve had friends who have had to quit a fine arts class in order to take an extra AP or commit to some extracurricular. Students shouldn’t have to make that choice. 

High school isn’t about doing as much just to have done it. 

It’s about having meaningful experiences and learning about yourself. If students all take part in the same clubs, take the same classes- do the same things, they’ll never have individuality. 

Of course, it’s important to take some classes that will challenge you and benefit you in the future, but not at the expense of your passions and hobbies- for they make you who you are.