Simply Shreya: take a step, not a leap


Morgan Kong

Wingspan's Shreya Jagan shares her personal take on issues and experiences in her weekly column Simply Shreya.

Shreya Jagan, Staff Reporter

I used to spend a lot of my time trusting everything and everyone. I didn’t give a second thought to what people said, I didn’t try to see it from my own point of view, I just trusted.

It’s great to be able to feel safe and have faith in a person, but it’s also really crucial to realize who you’re trusting. There’s a distinct difference between putting your confidence into your parents or siblings, and putting the same amount, or maybe even more, in somebody you’ve known for at the most a few months. 

A lot of the times, even if we know that somebody is lying to us or is just not right for us, we still choose to trust them and this is mainly because we want to desperately believe that they’re telling the truth. It’s not wrong to trust, if you know who you’re trusting. People aren’t always who they seem to be and if you’re like me, you look for the good in everybody. However, it’s almost impossible to be there for every single person you’ve ever met.

It doesn’t help if you’re a gullible person which can often lead to people taking advantage of you. You might not notice, but chances are they do. It’s unhealthy, and to put it as it is, you’ll get hurt. You’ll live your life thinking you know this person but one day when they show you their true colors, then you’ll get hurt. 

Maybe you’ll think that all of it was a lie, or that you don’t know this person, they weren’t who you thought they were. But in the end, you still end up hurting for something that wasn’t even your mistake. For trusting. 

Not everybody you trust is going to hurt you, there are people in this world that are authentic and kind. But, it’s up to us to figure out who those people are.

Once you know a person, once you know their character, and once you know who they are, then and only then can you truly say you trust this person genuinely. Take a step instead of a leap.